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Vertically integrated technical/design/marketing services and all in one online branding solutions for people and small businesses. The sweet spot for your digital marketing needs.

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Performers love ActorGear which allows non-technical and technical artists make updates to their website easily.

StoreGear Website Design

Websites for Brick and Mortar Companies, Small Businesses, E-Commerce as well as vertically integrated marketing services.


Single Property and Agent Websites as well as Real Estate Marketing Services. Spend more time with clients and less time on computers.

Hello! I’m Ben

Entrepreneur and your tech friend

A while ago (2003) I had this crazy idea that websites were too hard to make updates to for customers.  There was geo cities, but no real platform servicing Actors! A few years later this expanded to StoreGear and then to RealtyGear.

Today these platforms thrive allowing users to create beautiful websites that our perform other sites. If you have one of these “other sites” ie wix, square space, shopify, big-commerce…we encourage you to use a 3rd party testing site (ie ) and run a free performance test…and then contact us to show you how we make a site that performs better.

Weather you are small business, artist, or real estate professional I look forward to making your ideas grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about GearFoundation Products

On one end you have your mass marketed website platforms like wix,squarespace,goddady,shopify,bigcommerce and on the other end of the spectrum you have the the high end agencies offering their own platforms with marketing services. The results with the wix,squarespace ect don’t always end up looking great from a real design perspective while its difficult for a small business or performer to afford a properly built 15,000 – 20,000 dollar site with consulting and branding services. We are trying to hit the sweet spot offering a high end platform with some light marketing services at a reasonable price for a superior outcome.

Why is your platform better than the cheaper ones mentioned.

Our outcomes for speed, customization, and launch time will beat those everytime. Speed matters, fine tuning a website matters. 

Why are some agencies using wix, and square space

A real agency will have a software development team in house and this is expensive. So they “out source” to a 3rd party..and even though they say its just as good…its not. Measure their work on 3rd party websites that professionals use (ie to see how the final output looks from a professional perspective. The results of performance can dictate the results in google page ranking, google maps ect. So if they don’t know that…then they might act like they know what they are doing…but really don’t.

Why do agencies charge so much?

Software engineers and marketing professionals that deliver results, understand buyer psychology, trends and new technology are not cheap. Comparing them to a person who says they are website developer when all they are doing is using Wix or square space to build a website is an unfair comparison. 

Can I do this myself?

Absolutely! The information to learn anything is available for free online. But learning takes time, and learning what you don’t know to know takes experience. 

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