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Actor Gear "Everything an actor needs to get online." - Ty Gavin (corporate webmaster)

For actors and models, promotion of yourself is one of the most important things you can do at any point in your career. While often overlooked and neglected, it is the only way to actively get yourself work.

Just as important as a good head shot, your Actor Gear site helps put your best image forward. Actor Gear sites demonstrate a high-level professional look that stays up to date thanks to our Online Update System.

  Key features to take advantage of...  

Online Update System
All of our features take advantage of our Online Update System. This ensures that your news will stay fresh, your bio and resume will stay up-to-date, and pictures will always stay current.

Give people an introduction to what you do and keep them up-to-date with the latest events and news of your career.

Many people interested in working with you will want additional professional background information.

In order to keep your information private, we employ a contact form in order for people to get in contact with you. This ensures that you and your e-mail will stay anonymous, as well as helping to greatly reduce spam.


  Suggested additional features to add...  


Showcase your headshot/modeling photos as well as any screenshots you may have from television/film work.


  Features you may also want...  

Media Gallery

Place your video and voice-over reel online to immediately let producers and casting directors see your work.

PDF Creation
When visiting your site, visitors will be able to create PDF documents of your resume and bio by simply pressing a button. You can easily add a header to the PDF document with the Online Update System. This header may be your agencies logo enabling you, your agency, or your web viewers to quickly create a high quality printable version of your resume.




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